Working Papers

Bryan Schonfeld. “Trading Places, Trading Platforms: The Geography of Realignment.”


Bryan Schonfeld and Sam-Winter Levy. “Policy or Partisanship in the United Kingdom? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Brexit.”


R & R, Journal of Politics

Coverage: Marginal Revolution, The Washington Post

Michael Pomirchy and Bryan Schonfeld. “Does Responsiveness Stop at the Water’s Edge? Examining the Foreign Policy Electoral Connection.”

Cameron Ballard-Rosa, Bryan Schonfeld and Allison Carnegie. “The Geography of Democratic Discontent.”


Work in Progress

Boram Lee, Michael Pomirchy and Bryan Schonfeld. “Differential Dynamic Responsiveness in the U.S. Congress: Evidence from NAFTA.”

Eric Arias and Bryan Schonfeld. “Revisiting the Relationship Between Access to Credit and Support for Redistribution.”

Bryan Schonfeld and Sam Winter-Levy. “Do Cues from Religious Leaders Influence Political Attitudes? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Will Horne, Stephanie Rickard and Bryan Schonfeld. “Candidate Positioning on Europe in the United Kingdom: Evidence from Campaign Leaflets.”

Bryan Schonfeld. “Endogenous Democratization, Great Power Hierarchies and Patterns of International Trade.”

Bryan Schonfeld and Sam Winter-Levy. “Policy or Prejudice in Europe?”

Bryan Schonfeld and Sam Winter-Levy. “Internal Party Control and Electoral Performance.”

Bryan Schonfeld. “Threat and Assimilation: Jewish Immigration to America in the Age of Nazism.”